Thursday, July 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Old Friends....

One of my favorite pair of shoes, was a purchase made at least 10 years ago....and they are still relevant today. After a recent move, where my husband relentlessly criticized me for having too many clothes, shoes and bags, I decided that less is more. Or at least I should get rid of shoes and clothes that no longer fit! These were always a bit too snug, which is why they were only worn twice. One thing is for sure, you can lose weight, but our feet NEVER get smaller - shame, but it's the other way around...

Here they are - my prized Bottega Veneta Iconic Woven Pumps - yes they should live on forever - branding Eternal Chic - however, they will be living in someone's else's closet, and hopefully enjoyed.

They are on eBay - here's the link:

As they say on Ebay - Good Luck - Have fun bidding :-)

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