Thursday, August 2, 2012

The color green - the history of a superstition

Did you know that the wearing the color green is superstitious for actors? I did not - until doing a little research. It all began with Moliere...his real name: Jena-Baptiste Poquelin. He was a successful actor in the early 20's - and became famous with Tartuffe....mocking the church - his community was not happy. He went on to much further notoriety...During a performance before Louis XIV, he performed through illness, eventually collapsing suffering a hemorrhage. Hours later he died, in costume wearing green - which lead to this superstition...this is much more romantic the origins of the expression "Green with Envy"   which the Greeks believed that jealousy was accompanied by an overproduction of the boile, lending a yellowish-green pallor to a victim's complexion.

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